The Library provides you with the possibility to borrow iPads free of charge. They can be obtained at the loan desks in Rheinbach and Sankt Augustin just by submitting a valid library card. In addition to the iPad itself we lend accessories like pens, keyboards, usb charging cables and power adaptors.

We issue our iPads on a first-come, first-serve basis, so unfortunately, reserving one is not possible. iPads are available for check out during our opening hours with professional personnel, but you can return them any time until the library closes.

Please handle your borrowed iPad with care, as you might be held responsible for any non-accidental damage or loss.

Our iPads can be used within the library area. Before leaving the library please hand in your borrowed iPad at the loan desk and receive a return slip.

Our iPads come with a selection of useful apps for studying and learning. You can always change this selection and install further apps, but please bear in mind that all changes will be reset and all personal data will be deleted from the iPad once you return it. Also the Library is not liable for the loss of such data.

Our iPads access the internet through the Library's Wireless LAN.