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Electronic Books

Monographs, text books, manuals, atlases, dictionaries and book series - all this is now available in electronic form. The Library has bought several subject collections from the extensive e-book range published by the German Springer group, including a total of more than 6,000 electronic books that were published between 2005 and 2010.

English-language books relating to the following subjects:

German-language books relating to the following subjects:


Please click on the above links to gain access to the respective subject collections. The full text of the respective books is available and can be opened, saved and printed out chapter by chapter. Please note that the books can only be accessed within the Campus Area Network of the University of Applied Sciences.

Furthermore, the respective books are also listed in the Library's Online Catalogue.

In addition, approximately 300 e-books on Business Administration, provided by the publishing houses Gabal, Rainer Hampp, Rudolf Haufe and Deutscher Fachverlag, are available to you via the WISO database. You can research the contents of these e-books using the full-text search; moreover, you have the opportunity to navigate tables of contents or topics and to call up pdf files containing individual chapters or complete books.